Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tips on buying an USB Flash Drive

Recently, the are numerous brands and capacity of USB Flash Drive in the market. To find one that is suitable for you maybe quite difficult. Factors such as price, capacity, design, colour, brands will probably let your buying decision difficult.

But one factor that you'll always left behind is speed, and it's a very important factor should be taken into consideration. The factor is SPEED. Many advertisement says USB2.0, 480mbit/s and so on, so how can you actually simply check the speed before buying one.

This is what I do, I will bring my laptop with Vista in it, plug in the USB Flash Drive, then an option (Autoplay) will appear. Scroll down until you see "Speed up my system using Readyboost" then click once, some speed testing will follow, if it passed the test, then you can consider buying it. If not, try other brands.

During my last shopping, 2 of 4 drive that I've tested failed Readyboost speed test. wise, the choice is yours.

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