Friday, June 27, 2008

Tips on locking 3d speed of 7150M on Vista

Many of us using this 3d chipset on Vista have problem of setting or locking it's speed, it'll revert to low 2d mode of 100mhz and causing sluggishness especially when using vista aero theme.

Well, I think that I have a simple solution to this, first .... lets have a look at my screenshot below :


And now GPU

The steps :
  1. Download NTune
  2. Apply coolbits (allow overclocking)
  3. Adjust your reference clock under performance / adjust motherboard settings (I set at 211mhz), GPU and other settings will automatically set.
  4. Tweak your memory timings (the lower the better)
  5. Save your profile
  6. Under performance / adjust custom rules, set 'Load this (your profile) WHEN CPU is active (performance) for 10 second, so that it will lock your speed like mine (the software think that cpu is always active).
  7. Good luck and restart.

Note : may be driver dependant, I've been using 174.31 driver to achieve this, other version that I've tried had not been able to hold the locks in every start of the laptop.


Cokey said...

good job dude...
thnks for sharing bout this to us..

visit my blog

thnks so much!

Vance said...

hey man..are u still using this technique to lock the speed?

i've been using ur tip for locking the speed and it worked for a while...

Til when I was using my laptop to watch a 720p the other day and it started lagging and skipping....

so when I checked my gpu speed in cpu-z, it dropped back to 100mhz.

Pls help