Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fried RAM Connector

While readying for a drag race (I mean on a PC game), suddenly my PC stop responding and the screen froze. Nothing left to do, I hit the reset button, after the Nvidia BIOS post, the screen froze again while displaying RAM size.

I repeat the process several times but the outcome still same. Suspecting that my RAM is the culprit, I opened the case and find my RAM had it connector fried. Firstly the fried connecter become black (burned), then after few scratch and patch, loose a few layers of PCB, to no avail.

Quite a frustrating shot though....

So I decided to run my PC using half the amount of RAM as usual, you know......with Vista... and Aero thingy, my PC become sluggish. But to my surprise, it still run games flawless albeit a bit slow on loading.

Time to do some RAM shopping again I guess.


nizam said...

pianz..luckily you mboard doesn't fried too..maybe u can switch to another brand like corsair or kingston FB-DIMMs..pianz..opinion on triple core..AMD Phenom X3..

DJPianz said...

Well...actually it's kingston, maybe because my system is using quite a lot of power with 3 huge 4" fans, 3 dvd drives and a huge 3d add on card, my voltage fluctuates sometimes.

AMD Phenom X3, if you have a good supporting hardwares, then go for it, (I mean a good dedicated 3d or SLI setup, at least 4gb of ram) games and apps will perform at it's best.

iCalvyn said...

ops... this was hurt... hurt ur wallet i mean.. heheh

DJPianz said...

Luckily nowadays RAMs are not that expensive. But my PC still lives with 512mb though. Haha.